*How are National Feed's supplements different?
There are many diverse feeding operations across the country. With NFC supplement's the customer does not have to pick one type and then try to make it fit your feeding program. NFC has many types of formulations and will custom formulate to specifically fit your individual feeding program.
*What is the basis for our protein and fat?
Unlike most of the country's feed manufacturers, NFC manufactures its own fat ingredient. It is derived solely from soybean or other vegetable sources. Absolutely no animal fat is used in our supplements. Protein is derived from many quality byproducts, including corn and soybean processes.
*What level of consumption, lbs/hd/day, can I expect?
NFC recommends 2 to 4 lbs. per head per day to get optimum performance. We have many different additives to assure that level. Whether it is sweeting additives for spring and summer or bittering additives for fall and winter, we can adjust to achieve the desired level.
*I have baled cornstalks or I have poor quality straw or hay.
Do you have a product that I can pour or inject to get my cattle to eat them?
Yes, Yes and Yes! NFC has introduced a brand new product to address this most common question. Please check out our new SWEET BALE 30.
*How much storage do I need to get a semi load of feed and how do I need to plumb them?
Our trucks haul approximately 5,000 gallons. We recommend setting up 2-3,000 gallon tanks. These can either be poly (preferred) or metal. These tanks need to be plumbed with a minimum 2" quick coupler fitting. Our trucks carry a minimum of 30' of 3" hose. Also, a good graveled or paved access to the tanks with adequate turn around space for semis.
*Can I get extra vitamins and minerals added?
Yes, NFC carries individual minerals and Vitamin ADE. We can recommend or we can take your existing mineral program and incorporate it into your supplement.
*Can I get fly control for summer feeding?
Yes, we can add IGR to your supplement and sweeten the supplement to get the required 1 lb/hd/day consumption for adequate horn fly control.